Finally, I have a picture of my Crinkle sweater:

It isn’t the best picture, really. You can’t see the lace pattern very well. I finished the tip of my mitten today. I must have counted wrong when I started the decreases, because I ended up with way too many stitches on one side. It didn’t look like I had missed any decreases. The mitten feels too short right now, but you are supposed to block it longer. I haven’t started the thumb yet.

At our house, we love the show Survivorman. I really love Les Stroud’s wool hats that he wears when he is doing a cold weather show. So I am going to make myself a Survivorman inspired hat, and I’m going to call it my Survivorman hat. I’ve got some Lopi laying around just dying to become something. I do wonder if he buys the hats or if someone he knows makes them. Some of them appear to be lined with fabric and I have seen hats sold like that. Mine will not be lined, but if I had very short hair it might be. Did I ever tell you about the time I shaved my head? I thought it would be cool to see how my hair would look if I just shaved it all off and let it grow. And I thought to myself, ‘guys do it all the time, so why can’t I?’ So I did. In January.

This morning, I was making my blog rounds for the first time since Thursday morning and found out some wonderful news. Loneknitter is engaged. Congratulations, Jenny and Manly!


Rebecca said…
Did you like your hair shaved off?

I have a hat I want to line. My skin is pretty sensitive, and even though it's not a really scratchy wool, it makes my forehead itch. It's just a matter of getting some fleece and sewing it in...I imagine I am just going to have an itchy forehead instead.

You are getting a lot of knitting and sewing done - bravo!

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