Cowgirl Up!

I have recovered from my cold, thank goodness. This weekend I had some sewing to do. This year Knitter #2 is being a cowgirl and Knitter #3 is being Strawberry Shortcake. The sewing is much easier this year. However, I did have to buy 2 pairs of cowgirl boots. And I’ve been told that I can’t call them cowgirl boots, because they are cowboy boots. Whatever, girl. Get your cowgirl boots on so we can go already.

Here is what I worked on over the weekend:

There was even some knitting:

The first mitten is finally growing a twin. Warm hands all around, I say.

Since I told myself I could start that new project if I finished some stuff, I have sort of lost my obsessive interest in starting it. I think I am going to start it when I get all those things finished, anyway. I originally bought the yarn to make that outfit for the oldest child and now am planning on making for the youngest. It is starting to seem like I need to get on it and get it done before she grows too much. I doubt it would be cost effective to just have another baby. And there is always the off chance that my husband might make a boy and then where would we be? Much easier to just knit the cute little outfit…


Lone Knitter said…
I'm sure your girls looked cute on Halloween. I need to make some mittens for myself. Your entry reminded me of that.
Rima said…
How did the sewing project turn out? I like the pink you picked.
Rebecca said…
Probably much cheaper than having a baby...but another baby would give you an excuse to knit even more cute outfits, especially if it was a boy. ☺

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