King Henry

I have had a rotten cold for a couple days now. And I have this rotten, not so great cold medicine I am taking until I can get something better tomorrow. But things are better with the cold medicine than without. Yesterday morning I woke up so out of it that I baked some chocolate chip pumpkin muffins without a bit of sugar in them. Yup. The really funny thing is they were actually really good! In the future, I may make them with less sugar than the recipe calls for.

How did I do with my knitting weekend? Pretty well, but I didn’t get to knit as much as I wanted to. Other things kept getting in the way. I did finish the sleeves:

And now I’ve moved onto knitting this:

I need to get off my duff and get the second pink mitten knitted for the poor little kid with cold hands around here. She also needs a hat and scarf. She seems to have forgotten that she started knitting a scarf last summer.

In my sidebar, I mention our birds, but I almost never show any pictures of them. This is what I was greeted with when I went to let them out today:

And here are the roosters with a couple hens:

Henry is the only rooster with a name. He is our biggest and oldest chicken. He’s the only one left from the first chickens we bought the year we got married. That was 2002. Henry is the only one who knows what that first winter was like when the chickens were roughing it. They had no protection from the wind, and were barely out of the weather. When they got their chicken coop, they knew they were in heaven. If the weather was bad, they’d come out on the ramp, look around, and go back in. Just because they could. We have 5 roosters because my husband won’t kill them when they are young enough to eat. My answer is to get 20 pullets in the spring. I once swore I would never buy big chickens again. However, they don’t sex bantams, I am sick of being overrun with roosters, and I want to sell eggs. Best of all, deciding what kind of chickens to buy is just as fun as picking out what to plant in your garden.


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