My Next Knitting Project?

I find myself wanting to start a new project. That is kind of in opposition of my wanting to finish up all of my ongoing projects. Many of them are dark colored and are not fun to knit in the evening. I’ve been using my sweater sleeve as my sitting at the computer project. (We have dial-up, so everything is SLOW). Right now, I am promising myself a new project when I finish my sweater sleeve, get to the heel of my first Monkey sock, finish a second pink mitten AND finish the 2nd Critter. By the time I manage all those things, I will probably have lost all desire to start a new project. In case I haven’t, this is the project I am thinking about:

But in this color way:

Yesterday, I decided to over dye an experiment that turned out poorly:

I think the result is much better:

I over dyed with a bright yellow. I would probably not buy yarn in those colors, but at least I could bear to wear socks that look like that. It will be interesting to see what it looks like all knit up. Maybe it will surprise me and look fabulous.

I hope to spend my weekend knitting. Last night I decided I need to have a nice knitting weekend since I can’t fly across country and go to a certain fiber festival. Maybe I’ll finish something, you never know!


Oh I can see how you'd be itching to start that project, that beret is a killer!!
Anonymous said…
Your experiment with colours went very nice. Yarn looks great. I am sure socks using this yarn will look very nice ;o).
Quilting Mama said…
I like to overdye results. Very seasonal look to them.
If you don't read Carol's blog - Go Knit in Your Hat - you might want to check her out. She does alot of yarn dyeing and is great fun too.
Rebecca said…
Oh, that project is adorably. What book is it in? I like the over-dye results. One of the things I like most about dyeing is that I am never really sure what the end result will be.

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