How It All Came Out

Yesterday when I looked at my yarn, I was really disappointed. The red looked very purple and it was plain ugly. Last night I left it hanging on the pantry door knob. This morning I found it much prettier, but still not what I am looking for.

My scarf looks beautiful:

And it was way easier than making a new Clapotis.

Does anyone reading dye yarn? I want to find a red dye that I like better than the Jacquard colors I’ve been using. If anyone has a suggestion for a bright red, leave a comment!

Last week when it was freaky cold around here, I found myself trolling ravelry for shawl patterns. I saw Revontuli and fell in love with the rainbow colors, thinking it was a round shawl. Somehow, I just knew it would be great for snuggling up with while watching tv. I was disappointed to find out it wasn’t, but decided I could use the pattern to make a round shawl with a little help from EZ. Just to prove to myself that I still have self-control, I haven’t started it yet.


Liz said…
I made a sweater from my daughter out of yarn that I dyed with a Gaywool dye that I think was called orchid (it was a few years back and I'm not sure what the name actually was, but I'm pretty sure it was a flower name). It came out a very pretty red, not fire engine, but very deep red. I happen to love Gaywool dyes. I've also used Ciba dyes, Rit dye, and Koolaid, but I think I've gotten the nicest colors with Gaywool. If you can get hold of a sheet with Gaywool color samples check for the reds on that. They also have a gorgeous blue (might be called blueberry) that brings out the color of blue eyes in a marvelous way and an incredible purple. I haven't done any dyeing for a bit which is why I'm not absolutely sure of the color names, I just know that they were all Gaywool dyes.

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