Since it is the beginning of October now, maybe I should tell you how I did with my summer weight loss plan. Not so great, really. I wanted to lose 24 lbs over 3 months, which is really a stretch. However, I have lost 8 lbs so far. A real victory considering all the eating I did in July when my brother and niece came to visit. My workouts never survive big changes, so I planned ahead for school starting. I don’t have time for a workout every morning anymore, so I started running in the afternoon. My new plan is to see if I can lose the rest of the weight by New Year’s Day. I do feel good about the weight I’ve lost because I’m wearing jeans I haven’t worn since before Knitter #2 was born.

How about that spinning? Sunday morning, I got the bag of things out that came with the spindle and found a bunch BFL all ready for me to spin! And it was a lot easier to spin than my merino. Rebecca mentioned in the comments that it might be that the roving needed to be pulled apart a little and I think she might be right. The merino didn’t look anything like the BFL. I am so glad the spinning is going better now. Knitter #2 wants to learn how to spin now.

Over the weekend, I got to do a lot of knitting and managed to finish the first sleeve for my Accordion sweater. Finishing a sleeve is almost like finishing a project around here these days. It is crunch time for finishing any birthday projects, so I am now concentrating on finishing the Patchwork Tortoise. It would have been easier to follow the directions and knit the edge of the shell separately and sew it on, but I like to torture myself. Thankfully I am now binding off the shell. Next time, I will let you know if I have lived to regret stuffing the body before attaching all the other parts…


Losing 8 pounds is amazing--good for you!
Rebecca said…
Eight pounds is fabulous! Great job! I'm glad the spinning is going better. Thanks also for the felting before stuffing instructions. I still haven't decided what to do - and since my stuffing is not too fresh from storage, I have some time to decide while I am washing the stuffing.

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