Dyeing of Anticipation...

I hate waiting to see how my dyed yarn turns out. It makes me crazy with anticipation. I’m still trying to find a perfect combination to dye some yarn for Thermal. And I’m starting to get the feeling that I might not get just the color I am looking for. I also bit the bullet and got up the nerve to dye my Clapotis today. We’ll see how it comes out.

I’m now about halfway through the second sleeve of my Accordion sweater. I will be happy to be done with it and get on with the business of knitting the body. I need a wool sweater to keep me warm. One that isn’t huge, anyway. I have an Elsebeth Lavold coat that is ‘one size’ and made with Lopi. It is very warm, but not for indoor wear. Unless you have no heat, that is. I love it when it is below freezing. Of course, the Accordion sweater may end up too warm for indoor wear, too. I am making it with Valley Yarns Berkshire.

I have pretty much decided not to knit anything for the holidays this year. Too much stress to knit this or that and get it done. I may make doll clothes for the kids. Sewing can be so much easier than knitting something. Note that I say ‘can be’. I met my Waterloo a few years ago with a little dress. To this day it hasn’t been finished. I will be approaching the holidays this year knitting something fun without any pressure to get it finished.

Right now, I am trying to think how I can slip some chocolate cake past Knitter #2. I could use the good old ‘you didn’t eat yours last night’ ploy. Kids can be so pesky when you want to have illicit snacks…


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