Crying Kids, Gardening, and Projects

We are going to the pool every day for the next 2 weeks for swimming lessons. There is nothing quite like being the only parent with a kid crying and refusing to get in the pool. Even when their classmate pleads with them. Knitter #3 loved swimming yesterday and wasn’t getting in the pool on a bet today. I had to go back in and talk with her but she still wouldn’t get in. I finally told her that I was going to sit down and she would have to stay. Eventually the pleadings of little Lexie and an instructor finally got her in the water. Lexie is a little darling who has been in preschool with both of the little knitters. Knitter #2 takes to everything and #3 is finicky about everything. #3 is one of those kids that manipulates their parents into holding their hand for every little thing until they are 13. I felt kind of bad just walking away from a crying kid today, but I felt like I had to or she will never develop any independence. She’s the youngest and she knows it.

I can tell that our gardening season is well under way because I am having problems getting everything watered. Most of the garden is doing fabulously. Some of my ¼ inch soaker hose isn’t doing the job, though. I think I read once that you can’t run it over a certain length. I don’t know what that was or if I might have dreamed it, though. I was very happy to see this morning that my pumpkins are sprouting up and growing. I love growing pumpkins. Tomatoes may be delicious, but pumpkins are just downright fun.

The other day, we went to the mountains and I got this out to work on :

And then I started this one:

And to prove I am still a knitter:

This is the shell edge for the patchwork tortoise. I am doing it according to the pattern this time just to prove to myself that I can be a blind follower if I need to be.

AND. I have a semi-languishing crochet project. It is a super adorable butterfly afghan that I am making for the girls. I am actually planning to make 2. One of them prefers pink and the other purple. This is a project to use up a lot of old white acrylic that has been laying around for years. I am pretty sure that every bit of it is older than the kids. I am going to try to do it all from stash, but I might have to buy some yarn for the butterfly bits. We’ll see.


Quilting Mama said…
Congrats on letting knitter #3 cry it out. I know it's hard but she will get it one day. Then you might be the one at the side crying as she goes forth on her own.

Also love the turkey chicks.

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