Our pool is all put together and running now. We even got in it this afternoon. Best of all, I managed to master climbing onto the inflatable lounge we bought.

I am going to be SO happy when we get our little turkeys out of the house. All the cheeping and poultry odors are going drive me crazy. The cheeping could be worse. They could be guineas.

In gardening news: I will be harvesting peas very soon. Our first big harvest from the garden this year. I love the watering all being automatic. Things are growing so well. The place where I have noticed the most dramatic change is in our hanging baskets on the porches. Oh my goodness are they ever lush looking. They look fantastic. I have never had baskets that look that good.

Yesterday, I did my shopping. We got Daddy a new tv and he loves it. I was not going to try to hide it from him until Sunday. It was too big. When we got home, Knitter #2 asked me how we were going to hide it from him. I am pretty sure that she was looking forward to wrapping it. She loves presents even if they are for other people. Getting them and wrapping them for other people is almost as fun as getting her own to unwrap. She wanted me to make him lots of clothes for Father’s Day. I don’t think she believes that he doesn’t like new clothes as much as she does…

And speaking of new clothes:

These are the fabrics I picked out for our 4th of July dresses. I am using the same pattern for the girls’ dresses. They are nearly the same size. I am going really fancy for my dress. Just because I never go the fancy route for myself. My dress has boning, a lining, and ruffle inside for some body. I think it is going to be fabulous. It better be fabulous.


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