Father's Day Presents

I think that for the 4th of July this year, I will make us girls some dresses. Hopefully I can find some cool looking red, white, and blue fabrics. I don’t really want us to all look the same, so 2 or 3 different fabrics would be nice.

Father’s Day is also coming, so I have find some good presents for Brent. I promised him more pajama bottoms, so I need to sew them up this week. Men can be hard to buy for. For several years he’s been asking for a bigger, better tv. It didn’t help when the one we had quit on Thanksgiving. He got an old motel tv from a work buddy, and it works great. But you have to turn the sound down and change it to channel 3 every time you turn the thing on. Or I could find something I want/like and buy it for him. I have a good father’s day tale for you all. A few years ago, I bought him an ice cream maker because he was going on all the time about all the fun he and the girls could have making ice cream if only we had one. And how many times has he made ice cream? Yep, big fat 0 times. I have made some fabulous ice cream, though.

The leveling of the yard is coming along. Every time I go to town I come home with more stuff for the pool. Today it was chemicals, an air pump for the top ring, and an extra filter. The kids want to buy every pool toy they see and a few non-pool toys. They think every toy on the aisle with the water toys is for the pool.

The coolest thing happened at the pool today. A little boy who lives a few miles away comes up to me and asks “What are you making?” I reply “A bag.” And then he asks “What kind of bag?” I found that very amusing. I told him it was for shopping so I could put my groceries in it. He was then satisfied and went and told his parents all about it. They own the sheep farm just down the road.

A bit of sad news. I had to tell the kids they can’t collect eggs anymore. I found several smashed eggs yesterday. Now I have to go back to collecting them.


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