Thunderstorms, Anyone?

We are currently in the midst of a week long celebration of thunderstorms. It has to be a celebration because it goes on every afternoon and evening. Thursday afternoon I went to water and feed the birds and saw the pronged end of a string of Christmas lights arcing to a metal strap on the coop. Pop, pop, pop I could hear it. Just like when a grasshopper would get fried on the electric fence when I was a kid. It was freaky. There were no electrical cords leading to the thing, but it was getting it somewhere. We decided there was a lot of electricity in the air. While I was running the water, Brent suggested maybe there was going to be a lightning strike in the back yard pretty quick. I decided we all needed to go indoors NOW. There never was a lightning strike, but the cord is no longer arcing.

Here is some fun news:

Our turkeys finally arrived! So far, they are all still alive. Maybe I better go check them. They are Naragansettes. Hopefully, they all live to see Thanksgiving dinner. Some of them will enjoy it more than others. I guess I really want all but 1 of them to live to see Thanksgiving dinner… My plan is 2 to eat, 3 to keep. Providing they survive to adulthood.

Today I took the drastic step of cutting out some squares for a quilt. I found a book of quilts for kids at the library a while back. There were two that I decided I wanted to make for the kids, so I am starting with the easier one. While I was cutting out all the squares I was thinking about all the scrap quilts I could make with the vast quantities of remnant fabric I have. And I could tie them all with the vast quantities of yarn that I haven’t been knitting up…


We just finished up a week of thunderstorms here. Finally some blue skies :)

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