More Whining About Jeans

Today, I finally managed to get my current biggest stressor taken care of. With the help of Brent, I got the drip system laid out and going in the garden today. My plants will not die. Today was cool and rainy. Not the kind of rain that benefits a garden, mind you. Just the kind that keeps things cool. A great day to spend outside finishing off a project. I can’t wait to convert more of our garden to raised beds because then we can make the drip installations permanent and not have to redo every bit of it every year. Best of all, it is part of our automatic irrigation system. I feel so free now.

Sarah commented on how every time she finds jeans that fit and wear well, something happens. I have to agree with that. I used to love Victoria’s Secret jeans, and then they started making them out of light weight denim and raised the price. My favorite jeans were Levi’s and I can’t find them where I live. I keep wondering if they are the same as they used to be. So many jeans are cheaply made these days. I bought some Gap jeans online one time, and they were really disappointing. It makes me nervous ordering them online and not knowing what they will be like.

I have been getting a bit of knitting done lately. I’ve been working on another Patchwork Tortoise and a felted hat. This time around, I am going to make the edge of the shell on the tortoise just as the pattern says. I think life will be much easier that way. I’ll take a picture of the parts pretty soon. This one is lime green for the main color and I think it is going to look very cool.


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