Sour Cream and Other Things

Today I made sour cream for the very first time. Cream, milk, and buttermilk left to sit and become sour cream:

I mixed it in the bowl and then poured it into a mason jar and put a lid on it. A few weeks ago I did the best possible thing. I bought some plastic lids that you put on canning jars. I didn’t even know they existed until I saw them in the Ball canning book the week before I bought them. This shows how terribly observant I am when I am out shopping.

Brent has high blood pressure, and I read an article about cutting the excess salt out of your diet. It is so hard to not get more salt than you really need. Being a typical man, he likes just about everything that he should cut back on right now. He never had high blood pressure until a few months ago. So, no more salty snacks around here. Not even for me. I want to cut back on our sugar intake, too. Another thing hard to avoid.

Today, I have been working on finishing my red top. I have a new goal to be able wear something I’ve made for myself every day of the week. Technically, I probably have that many garments in my closet, but I want more choice. Maybe the answer to my jeans problem is to find some heavy denim and make my own. I’ve made several pair for myself, so I have the process down pretty well.


LizzieK8 said…
Switching to sea salt is a very good idea. Regular table salt is created in a laboratory and is the contributing factor to high blood pressure. Sea salt is natural and doesn't....

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