A couple weeks ago, a quilting magazine caught my eye in the fabric store, so I brought it home. Friday night, I finally picked up and looked through it and found this gorgeous bag:

I found these fabrics at the fabric store, and intend to get on it soon. After I buck up and get my current favorite things finished.

Today was Monday. Everything I did turned to pot metal after I got home today. I had to take my dog to the vet for a pre-dental appointment this morning. That went very well. He didn’t even try to bite the vet. Good boy! After I got home I went out to continue putting a drip system together and decided I need to do the porch first. So I tried to put a battery in a small timer. Attempting to remove the battery cover, I stabbed myself with the screwdriver I was using. Then I put the battery in wrong and it wouldn’t work. Almost burned my fingers removing the battery. Brent then helped me hang the hose and we had a dripper that was spraying all over. We couldn’t fix it. And that was when I decided I needed a nap.

Do any of you out there have a favorite brand of jeans? I’m looking for some jeans that don’t wear out in a few months and fit well. My very favorite pair of jeans bit the dust a while back. I felt that at my age, my bottom shouldn’t hang out of my jeans. They are in the rag box, waiting to be salvaged into something. I really miss them.


Sarah said…
Can't help you with the jeans. Every time I find a brand I seem to like, the brand either changes their "fit" or my body changes. [sigh] Yay for being female!

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