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How disappointing it was for me to see a Knitty button proclaiming the fall Knitty was up only to find it was still the summer issue. Maybe if I only check every 5 minutes, it will be there sooner, eh?

All this fingering yarn is getting to me. After I finish Marihone, I have to do something in gigantic worsted, I think. On enormous size 5 needles. Some quick satisfaction I think they call it. Ever since I saw the finished Crinkle product at Fluffa! , I have been wanting one of my own. I can't decide if I want red or black. I love red. There is another cardi I want to do in red, though. I may go with the black. The Crinkle that Fluffa Becky did in black is gorgeous. A while back I was visiting elann, and found some nicely priced cotton for a sweater or two. I shouldn't dig myself too deep in knitting projects. There was that shrug from the spring '05 Knits, too. It is always a bad sign when you only want to find new things to knit. Maybe Becky's theory about stashing bringing on more knitting mojo is right. Maybe I need to buy some yarn.

The picture is of some knitting markers I made over Labor Day weekend. I made some others, but they weren't as pretty. I love dragonflies.

In shopping news, I got most of the goodies for the Spinning Roving swap. Now I have to wait for them to arrive before I send them away. Naturally, I bought some fun goodies for me, too. I can show pictures of those goodies when they come. All I can say about what I bought is that they are all from the good ol' Pacific Northwest. No fun blowing the surprise in case Anna Jo is reading.


Lone Knitter said…
Cute stitch markers. I tried a yarn diet, but it did nothing but depress me. So go and buy that yarn you want!

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