Daddy Sock

This is the sock I've been baiting everyone about. I changed the heel on it because I think a slip stitch heel is more durable in boots. Now I am concentrating on finishing the ladybug project. I am getting close to finished with the first sleeve. Then there will be sleeve number two. After that I get to tackle the scary process of steeking. The yarn is pretty sticky, so I will go boldly. Snip, snip, snip.

I am getting tired of all this knitting with tiny needles. As I have previously mentioned. I simply must knit something else or I will go crazy.

I want to change my banner, but it hasn't been working out. It will require more study. I did manage to get a picture up there, it just wasn't quite what I was envisioning. Still, it was better than the whole blog disappearing on me.


Lone Knitter said…
That sock looks comfy! Don't despair about your banner. It took me like fourteen hours to get mine up and then I still wasn't happy. I have no idea how some people have such great looking blogs! Maybe I should have majored in computer programming.

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