Look at the wooly goodness that came to my house a couple days ago. Yesterday I was so worked up over the blog that I forgot about my half pound of roving. There were other bits of wooly goodnes in the box, but I can't show them. I have more coming, but it was still being dyed. Now I just have wait for a spindle to come my way. The waiting is killing me. The bag is sitting here on my desk begging to be played with. Knitter # 2 was convinced that it was a pillow for her to play with.

As for Socktoberfest, I think I may devote October to just sock knitting. My husband doesn't think I can get Marihone and the window project finished by the first. I think I can. I can have fun trying at the very least! I have a picture on my camera of his finished sock. Maybe tomorrow I'll show it off in all it's gray glory. People probably think I love the color gray because I have knit only gray socks since starting the blog last year. I really don't love gray that much. There will be no more gray socks for a while.


Lone Knitter said…
Dear K, I'm supposed to be working on my Ph.D. prospectus, but for some reason, on this Friday night, I'm looking at knitting blogs. There must officially be something clinically wrong with me! I need to try out my spindle! What is wrong with me? Your roving looks so dreamy! Maybe I should strike a deal with myself: if I finish my prospectus, then I get to play with my spindle.

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