A Gray Day

Today it is gray and yucky outside. It could at least dump loads of rain on us. As cold as it has been recently I am surprised there isn't snow on the mountain tops.

I have some new projects going. Over the weekend I finished a languishing summer top. When I get disgusted with my sewing project it languishes. Then I thought I would make a cute little corduroy jacket for Knitter #2. The pattern pieces wouldn't fit the fabric. I think the envelope gives the wrong yardage. I am going to have to get more corduroy. Possibly, I could get enough to do the jacket and use the piece I already have for some pants. Maybe. Instead of that, I started a jacket for me. It was from a Built By Wendy pattern (4109) that Simplicity has out. It was going great until I started sewing pieces with interfacing. Then it became a nightmare. It is a quirk of the machine I am using. And then I didn't pay attention when I sewed the collar in and left the top of the collar out of the seam. I will have to rip it out and fix it. There doesn't seem to be any way to make it look right other wise. Sometimes I wonder what happens to me at the sewing machine. I don't always think things out properly. I am currently disgusted with myself over the jacket. Fortunately, I really want to wear the jacket, so I won't put off the ripping for long. I got some knitting inspiration while nursing the littlest knitter Sunday afternoon. I was going through some IK's reading design articles when I happened on a short recycling article. Leigh Radford had made a screen for a door by knitting some nylon cord up to fit the space. It inspired me to knit up a window covering for one of our doors. The sun streams in right to our kitchen table in the evening. Right where people are trying to eat supper or read the paper. My husband said he could put some hooks in the door to attach it. I am going to use some stash acrylic. I really hate acrylic, but it has its place. I've been pouring through some Sheila McGregor books that have loads of nordic and fair Isle charts. Pictures when I have something besides a swatch....

Not too much news on the knitting front. No new yarns to fondle, not much progress on sleeve 1 of marihone. No pictures of the sock until it is finished and my sweetie models it. I am getting close to finishing it.


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