The heat is back, so it must be summer. I am canning tomatoes tomorrow. Our tomatoes have not done well this year, but my aunt and uncle offered me some. Home canned tomatoes are so much different from canned tomatoes from the store. They may as well be from different planets. Or maybe just different plants.

I am so excited about the Spinning Roving Swap that all I can think about is learning to spin. Go knit, I keep telling myself. Or I won't have time to spin when I get a spindle. I'll be too busy catching up on my knitting, ha ha.

Lone Knitter made some comments on my last post about my picture problems. I was using Netscape. (She had problems uploading pictures with Internet Explorer) If I keep having problems, I might try Firefox. So far I haven't had problems very often. There is nothing like tricking the thing to get it to not write in italics. You really shouldn't have to 'trick' the program to get it to work.

Knitter #2 was going to become a bonafide knitter, but we couldn't find the knitting needles I want her to have. She gets to pick them, but they are going to be those flashy jewel toned needles in a big size. She is only 3, so I don't expect a lot of knitting out of her just yet. My mom wouldn't teach me how to knit because she tended to do things differently. I think if she had grown up when I did, she would have been left handed. She grew up in a time when teachers would smack kids with a ruler if they tried to write left handed. My mom didn't turn her knitting. She would knit across and then knit her way back. I have heard of other people doing that, but very rarely. That was why she wouldn't teach me. Anyway, I want my girls to have the opportunity to learn how to do any crafts they desire. My mom and grandmothers taught me many things, including how to sew very well by hand. Very handy when your sewing machine quits you in the middle of a dress.


Lone Knitter said…
Say, my mother taught me how to sew by hand too. Although she used a machine to make us dresses, we always played by her when she was sewing. To keep us occupied, she let us make Barbie clothes with her scraps. Moms are great. I'm so surprised how among my friends, I'm the only one who learned how to do this! It must be rare.

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