Some Answers and Some Future Projects

First, I will answer Nicole and Rebecca's questions. Nicole asked about the yarn pictured in this post. It is Knit Picks Palette in Fog. It's fingering weight yarn and I am loving it for sock yarn. Rebecca asked if the pattern was from Interweave Knits. It is from the Fall '06 issue and is on page 92. Father and Son Socks by Mona Schmidt. My husband tried the sock on Saturday and said he felt very cozy down to the heel. I was just starting the instep and wanted to make sure it was fitting him. Personally, I think he enjoyed me putting a sock on his foot a little TOO much. I should have taken a picture to post, but I decided to pass on it.

My next sock project is going to be Child's French Sock from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks. I am going to knit them in Knit Picks Sock Memories in the colorway Flower Power. It is red, orange, yellow, and green. And discontinued. I might use some of my red Palette for the toes, heels, and top ribbing. The little baggie keeps telling me it needs some bits of solid red on those socks. I have also decided I am in love with Viveka from the new Knitty. Probably in red, but not in the dry clean only yarn it calls for. I am thinking merino or maybe cotton. We'll see. If I make all the sweaters I am currently in love with, it will be a miracle. I swore off sweaters last year. How many sweaters does a girl need anyway? Millions, it turns out. I am going to be strong, and for a break after all the fingering weight yarn, I am going to make a sweater for Knitter #2 out of stashed worsted. Yeah, stash reduction. Good thing, cause I'm gonna do some stashing pretty soon for all these things I want to make. Hee hee. I get to be weak, even if it is only for a day!


Lone Knitter said…
"How many sweaters does a girl need anyway? Millions, it turns out." Ha ha! You can substitute "sweaters" with "yarn skeins" or "knitted socks" or "Addi needles" or whatever your knitting delight may be.

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