Meet the Mallards

I got more goodies yesterday. First I have a picture of the live goodies. Meet the Mallards. They are domestic mallards that my aunt gave me. I did not hide behind a bush in a park somewhere and duck-nap them. My aunt and I duck-napped them from their pen in her backyard. Now they have to spend a couple days confined in the pen with their new pond so that they don't get ideas about leaving town. This is like, say, being confined at your new home with a swimming pool for several days. Cruel. Our other duck isn't speaking to them yet. She may not recall that she is a duck and not a chicken. She has been without other ducks for a long time.

My other goodies are the books I ordered a while back. I don't know which ones to read first. The Elizabeth Zimmerman one is trying to suck me in. I have been looking through all of them. I think I love them. The quilting book is every bit as great as Rebecca told me. It looks like it tells you every little thing you have to do in the process of making a log cabin quilt. There are something like 7 pages of layouts for different numbers of blocks. They go from baby quilts and wall hangings to huge king size bed quilts. I am going to have lots of fun with that book. I haven't really looked at Spin It yet. Last night I was too tired to stay up late looking at my new books. I love new books. When I was a kid, new books could be the highlight of summer break. They were definitely the highlight of Christmas.

I am digging myself deeper in the knitting hole. Now besides the projects I have going, I have christmas projects. And less than 2 months! They aren't all knitting, and fortunately most of them shouldn't take long to finish. I've learned that smaller is better when it comes to christmas projects. Unless you start in May. Or maybe January. Last weekend I got the Holiday Gift issue of IK. It has these adorable knitted bears with sweaters. I looked at the preview at Interweave and when I saw those bears, I knew I had to get it. I have many of the patterns in it, but there were quite a few that date back before I subscribed.


Anonymous said…
Don't let my ducks know that your's have a swimming pool ... they'll think that they need one - even though they now use their water pan to " swim " in.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I'm so glad you like the book! I am very interested to see how the other books are, as well. The Sew U book is; it sounds very interesting.
Lone Knitter said…
Nice new ducks! My mom lets her ducks swim around in a wading pool, too. I've been curious about quilting. Can't wait to see what you sew up.

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