What Have We Here?

Why, I do believe that there is some Blue-faced Leicester in my living room floor! I love when goodies arrive. These arrived yesterday in the midst of party preparations. I would love to just roll in the stuff, but that wouldn't be good for it. Now I can send a box away to my swap partner. The rovings pictured there are not for my swap partner. They are mine and I am not sharing, heh heh. On the left is Autumn Sunset and to the right is Summer Flowers. They are hand paint Rhapsodies from Paradise Fibers.

I would like to thank Rebecca and Lone Knitter for their hot tips. Rebecca suggested a book on Log Cabin quilts for me. I can't wait to take a look at it, but it won't arrivel for a week or two. Lone Knitter sent me some links to find Trekking XXL sock yarn. Between those two, I was able to waste an entire morning shopping around online. It was great. My house is currently so clean from the birthday preparations, I could go days without doing a thing. Except that my husband will come home and start messing the place up....

And speaking of the husband, he is going to be modeling some new socks tonight. You know what that means...... I started new socks, nya nya. Enough bratty gloating, you say?


Lone Knitter said…
Oh, my goodness! Men are so funny when they are modeling socks! I can't wait to see how your pictures turn out. That roving looks awesome. I'm thinking of getting a spinning wheel. I know. I'm a sick twisted individual, and I need professional help!

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