Quilting and Other Things

I have spent the afternoon planning a couple quilts. One is a gift for my husband. Christmas or his birthday, whichever it is done in time for. The other one is for our bed. It's going to be my favorite color combination: red and white. The one for the husband will probably stay in the living room where he likes to get snuggled in on the couch with small knitters.

And we have more duck pictures! I was so happy that Duckly figured out that she was a duck, I had to post the proof. Benita, I have really bad news for you. My ducks had already contacted yours telling them to demand their very own pool. The Runner Duck is standing on a block in their pool, she is not walking on water.

I've looked through my books now and I really like the Built By Wendy book. Naturally, for pure readability the Elizabeth Zimmerman book is the best. And knitter #2 has already stolen it once. I caught her making off with it in one of her purses last night. She might have gotten away with it if she hadn't been smacking her purse like she was spanking it.

And speaking of children. Today is a sad day. This morning knitter #3 nursed for the last time. I spent 2 days telling myself it was really ok and that I would live without it. And heck, who wants to have their tender parts bitten?


Anonymous said…
Drat!!! So THAT'S what the hens have been talking about this past weekend!!! Guess, I'll have to get them one then,but how do I break in to Vinnie ( my big lab boy who thinks the ducks are his ) that the swimming pool is also for the ducks??? This could get UGLY.

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