My Spinning Roving Swap Package

My package of good fun arrived today. So many things! Lots of different kinds of fiber, beads for embellishing, a quilting book and of course, the spindle. I've been tring it out, but haven't become adept yet. The drafting seems difficult. I must practice some more. On to just what kinds of fiber... The first picture shows everything and how nicely the packages were wrapped. In the next picture is black alpaca, little felted balls for embellising and beads for embellishing. In the bottom picture there are some fall colored snippets of merino, a lovely maroon merino, some
Blue-faced Leicester at the top, and a silk/camel blend at the bottom. It is so wonderfully soft. And it is something I might not have thought of trying out if left to my own devices. I was so excited that I haven't even had lunch yet and I am starving. Perhaps I should let the poor thing alone and go eat?

My spoiler's name is Tal and she did a wonderful job of it! Thank you, thank you!


Lone Knitter said…
Wow! What a cute package. I keep looking at my spindle. I haven't picked it up again. Too discouraged! I can't wait to see what you spin up!

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