My Sock List

Not much knitting going on here with preparations for the very big 1st birthday going on this week. The big day is Thursday. I may knit all day Friday to make up for all the fun I haven't been having this week.

In the spirit of Socktoberfest, I have my list of socks I would like to make here. They aren't in any particular order with the magazine or book title after the sock name.

Anu's stockings, Folk Knitting in Estonia
Rita's stockings, Folk Knitting in Estonia
Eastern European Footlets, IK winter 2003
Cable Rib Socks, IK spring 2005
Padded Footlets, IK summer 2005
Embossed Leaves Socks, IK winter 2005
New England, Knitting On The Road
Traveller's Stockings, Knitting On The Road
Child's French Sock, Knitting Vintage Socks
Child's First Sock, Knitting Vintage Socks
Fancy Silk Sock, Knitting Vintage Socks.

Whenever I find a new sock I want to make I just add it to the list. It is posted on the side of our refrigerator. I have my work cut out for me, if I am going to make every pair of socks on that list. I would like to try some different yarns, too. This is one of those things where I swear to myself I will buy something nice for myself and then I usually don't. But I am going to try. I would like to try Koigu or Mountain Colors Bearfoot. It's always a problem picking a colorway. There are so many beautiful ones. And Koigu is in solid colors, too. Good for husband socks, you know. My husband doesn't like anything bright or flashy. I was surprised when he went for the patterning in the socks I am making him now.

On a non-sock note, I finished the arms for Marihone, so now I have to start putting it together. A steeking report for a future post.


Anonymous said…
I love the idea of tracking the projects you want to do. I am continually flipping through my magazines and books and thinking, "Oh, I want to do that pattern, I completely forgot about it." I think I will start that practice. Your socks look fabulous! It's inspiring to see someone get through a pair, and just makes me want to knit more. I wanted to tell you about my favorite quilting book - it's called "Make a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern" by Eleanor Burns. The pictures are great, making it very easy to understand the instructions, and once you have the strips cut, it sews up very quickly. My friend and I got all of the strips cut one evening, and this weekend we will sew them. From past experience, I know this will be fast and easy. It's a great way to successfully piece a quilt. I hope you find as much pleasure in quilting as I do if you decide to start (ohhh....warning, fabric is as addicting as yarn! ☺ ).

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