Crinkle and My Mixer

I seriously need to replace some light bulbs in our living room. It actually hurt my eyes trying to knit my black sweater last night:

Not much, but it is a start. The pattern has the sweater knit in lots of pieces. I am not going for that. I am knitting them together until I have to separate for the arms. I am also lengthening it a couple inches.

This is my ergonomic knitting needle with its less ergonomic friends:

And now for some action shots. People have told me how much use I will get out of my mixer and how they couldn’t wait to see what sort of things I whip up with it. Yesterday I made cookies:

Tonight, I made pizza dough:

Tomorrow I have plans for a little red dress AND cookies. I will not use the mixer for the little red dress.


Well, I think black is hard to knit in any light, so it might not be your eyes!! And I'm glad to see that you are rocking the mixer...

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