Knitting and Reading

I haven’t been doing too much knitting lately. Last week I couldn’t bring myself to knit because I had this long list of gifts to make and it made me not want to do anything. Last night I came to the decision that the Christmas Challenge is over. What got finished will be gifted. The things that aren’t finished will be gifted if I finish them in time for Christmas this year. For the rest of the year, I intend to work on things that I really, really want to knit. Things I’ve been wanting to knit. I’ve got a long list of those things, too.

I’ve also been thinking about resolutions for the new year. I guess they are resolutions. I want to read more over the next year. This past year I actually started and finished a book. It takes determination to start and finish a book when you have small children. Finding the time to read when you aren’t being constantly interrupted by them is a trial. Or getting up the nerve to tell them ‘go away, I am reading’. I can do that without guilt if Brent is home. Most of the reading I have done over the past 5 years has been children’s books. I love reading about history, and I intend to get a little done in the next year. Right now I am reading The Little Ice Age by Brian Fagan. Next I intend to read The Anglo-Saxon World: An Anthology. After that, who knows, but I have plenty just lying about. I have The Canterbury Tales tempting me for the past so many years on my nightstand. It and a volume of Victor Hugo have been holding up my alarm clock for FAR too long.

I will have to dig up the post where I announced my resolutions for this year to see how I did. Shameful, no doubt.


Sarah said…
OH... those books sound good! Let us know how you like "Little Ice Age"....

Good luck!
I agree that reading with kids is basically impossible!! I need to start thinking about my resolutions as well, but I am sure that they will have something to do with 'buying less yarn'!

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