So Sleepy....

I am so tired. We went to a family Christmas party and I wrapped presents when we got home. At least I’m not knitting on anything furiously, trying to get it done for Christmas. Instead, I am trying to finish up some small projects I have laying around. I will feel a lot better about my knitting when I have all my needles free of yarn.

I’ve also kept up with sewing up some small things for the feel goodness of it. I made the kids aprons and baby doll blankets for Christmas. I have also been going to sleep on the couch every night this past week. Almost religiously. Brent will say ‘How can you stay up this late?’ when I finally get to bed. I then mumble something about being asleep for the past hour and a half on the couch. I should just give up the idea that I will watch a little tv and then go to bed.

A few weeks ago I thought I would be helpful and make my husband a list of things he could get me for Christmas. He took it and bought everything on it. So he says, anyway. I have no doubt he did, because the other day he told me we needed to stop by a store in another town because the one in our town didn’t have something on the list. Obviously, I need to have more extravagant tastes. He also bought me some John Wayne movies that we already own. I know this because he was trying to wrestle them from me while my brother was asking me which ones we already have today. That was probably the surprise gift. I have a feeling that this is the way many men operate. I can see why. If their S.O. gives them a list of things, how can they go wrong? She wouldn’t put it on the list if she didn’t like it AND want it. I know I am not alone in missing the surprise value of getting a gift. But, on the up side, I really can’t remember what all I put on that list I gave him!


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