Little Red Dress

Is that little red dress cute or what? It is finewale corduroy that I bought this fall and forgot to sew up. I bought it to make the dress I made with it. Sometimes when you buy something and put it away, you end up making something different with the fabric. Especially if it is for a little kid. They can grow faster than sewing ambition can get projects done at times. Anyway, I love the fabric. Corduroy can be a real pain if it is the heavy stuff. This is so fine, it is barely corduroy. I’m thinking about getting some to make myself a big comfy shirt.

I don’t really have any knitting worth showing off, so how about some sugar cookies waiting to have icing poured on them? They were made to take to the Christmas program the dress was made for.

Last night was our first Christmas program ever. We have many, many more years of them. It is kind of hard to believe those horrible hours of labor were so long ago. Our oldest did NOT want to come out. She was 2 weeks late. After we ended up having a cesarean, I told everyone she was just like her dad on the couch. Cozy and warm. Too comfy to be bothered with going outside.


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