Finished Project

The knitting is growing happier in these parts. I finished my Bloom wrap:

I need to weave in the ends and weave some ribbon through it. I need to find some large pieces of cardboard to make myself a blocking board. I just couldn’t stretch it enough on a towel to please myself. If I can get it blocked the way I like it, I might put an edging on it. Crochet never seems as stretchy as knitting, so I don’t think I would want to do the edging before blocking.

There aren’t any pictures yet, but I have started my long awaited Crinkle. I have wanted to make Crinkle for a very long time and bought the yarn last summer. It is in Rowan 39.

I have also discovered a new line of ergonomic knitting needles. I was very excited. They are called Smashed in the Door of a Jeep Liberty. I was excited that the needle wasn’t broken. However, it IS strangely a perfect fit in my hand. I am not going to attempt to make any more like it, though. Maybe I’ll get a picture of it to show you.

Last of all, I have my bird tree:

My grandma used to decorate some branches every Christmas with birds, elves, and tiny Christmas balls. She had a stand for them and my Dad or uncle would cut her some branches from a bush. Mine is an idea I got from the first patterns in Handknit Holidays. The little tree also now has a little star on top of it. The birds are my grandmothers. They are special little birds.


Oh wow, those little birds are quite darling. Birds also remind me of my grandma--she could name very bird in the back yard and had a quite contentious relationship with some of them!:)
janilizi said…
I love the tree and tradition perhaps I might borrow it for one of mine.

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