There hasn’t been much sun lately, so I haven't taken pictures of any knitting yet or any of the fun gift I got. It isn’t a craft related gift, just something I wanted to share. I did get this picture today when the sun was shining:

It is an old sign that my husband’s grandfather had laying in his tractor shed. Our property is part of what was once a large ranch. It has nearly all been sold out of the family now.

Tomorrow I am going to post about my New Year’s resolutions. Part of my resolution keeping plan was joining in the National Body Challenge. Hopefully it will help keep me motivated when my enthusiasm for my workout begins to wane. Earlier this month I also restarted my failed President’s Fitness Challenge. Before I had kids, I had no problem keeping with my workout. None. Since then, nothing but troubles. Kids really do change your life SO much.


I seriously need to get back into exercise as well....and the knitting thing isn't helping!!

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