My New Year's Resolutions

For the knitting blog, knitting! The following picture is the first bear sweater with a finished little girl’s sock:

Somehow when I started working on the sock again, I found that I liked knitting them toe up. Sometime last summer I announced here that I just didn’t like doing it that way. I won’t be giving up top down any time soon. Best of all, I learned to graft off at the top. I may fulfill my 5 new techniques for 2007 after all.

My second picture is a book I got for Christmas. I love used books. When I told my pal Hillary that I would really like some poetry for Christmas, I let her know that used books are very desirable. They aren’t someone else’s junk. They are Vintage Treasures. I really like Byron’s poetry. It seems like many people are fascinated by his racy lifestyle these days. Me, I’m interested in the poetry.

How about my New Year’s resolutions? Here they are:

  • Read more
  • Make a toy every month
  • Knit a pair of socks every month
  • Keep on my workout
  • Plan our meals every week

I didn’t do terribly well on my resolutions last year. I did improve my sewing, but my spinning hasn’t gotten any better. I didn’t knit a pair of socks every month and I didn’t drink green tea every day. However, I do expect to have learned 5 new techniques by bedtime tonight. Not all is lost. I make new resolutions for myself pretty often and break them like crazy. Do any of you have New Year’s resolutions?


I really prefer toe-up as well, and I agree with the planning meals thing!
Probably Jane said…
Laudable resolutions -I could do the sock one bt probably not the rest!

My resolution is rather general -most of my regrets concern things I haven't done rather than things that I have so I resolve to do moreand faff about less.

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