Bad Camera

There won’t be any pictures around here for a few days. My camera shuts off every time I try to take a picture. I charged batteries overnight, so it seems like it may be the camera. Brent is supposed to bring home some new batteries tonight just to be sure.

I’ve made my update post to stash along about how little knitting I’ve done this month. There are some people over there who do some serious stash busting. They make me feel bad. I barely have a stash to knit from compared to many people out there. I just wanted to make myself use some yarn before buying more. It isn’t working because I am going to buy some yarn for some sweaters for me pretty soon. I have to swatch, after all. You can’t design a Norwegian sweater or a gansey without at least swatching…. My excuse anyway. Hee hee. I love buying new yarn.

Does anyone else out there not get why people are so in love with Alice Starmore’s sweater designs? I just got The Celtic Collection and I just don’t see what makes her more fabulous than a lot of other designers out there. Maybe it is just that I haven’t seen her other designs. I’ve been wrong about lots of things in my life, so maybe this is one of those things I’m wrong about.


You know, I bet it's the batteries. That kept happening to me and the guy at the camera store told me that at a certain point, they just wear out. Good luck!
Rebecca said…
I have a stash that feels too big to me, but I just never get anything knit down. And my recent projects are small, maybe one ball here or there. I am also knitting for the LYS for my classes, and so have a bit of an obligation to use her yarn. I do love buying new yarn...I just bought some yesterday...sock yarn. I can almost justify sock yarn. ☺

I am not even familiar with Alice Starmore's designs. I had never heard of her until I read your blog.

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