Thinking Spring

What sunny, lovely weather we are having. Our snow is melting away and I am lovin’ it. It is starting to feel like spring could come this year, afterall.

Since we started seeing dirt and grass around here, I’ve been wanting to redecorate for a more springy feeling in the kitchen. Yesterday I went to JoAnn’s and found myself some fabric for the table. When I made some kitchen towels a while back, I began to really appreciate having something of my very own in the kitchen. I decided to make my own tablecloth rather just throwing some stash fabric on under the plastic.

An in progress shot:

And the finished product:

My husband made our table when we moved into our house. However, he has never put a final finish on it. Until he does that, it isn’t safe from spills staining it. For now, I buy a new piece of plastic to cover it up every year. I love our table and wish we could look at it instead of covering it with plastic. On the other hand, that plastic DOES keep the kids from ruining my brand new tablecloths with lord-knows-what.


That table cloth material is fantastic--love it, it reminds me of my old doll house furniture!
LizzieK8 said…
Very pretty! Do you use a special fabric to make your kitchen towels?
Rebecca said…
I love new projects...I miss working with my fabric. Maybe this summer I will get organized and be able to pull some out. haha.
Sarah said…
Pff. Spring is a long way off, here. It's freezing, gray, and windy. A high temperature of 6 or 7 tomorrow.

Hard to maintain cheeriness.

Glad somebody's enjoying February somewhere, though!

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