New Goodies

Last Friday we had a huge upset in the gardening dept. It snowed. Fortunately, it was only a couple inches and now most of our snow is gone because it rained last night and today it was over 50 F. I went ahead and ordered chickens. I decided to go for the cochins and pray for hens. Those little roosters are pretty darn cute, anyway.

Last Wednesday, I dyed my first yarn. It was terribly fun and I can guarantee I will be doing more. I ordered a dye kit and some sock yarn from Knitpicks to do some more. I also ordered a practice skein of their silk/wool blend to dye myself some red yarn for a Thermal.

I also got some new books. Today I am showing off the non-knitting books. They both have great inspiration potential AND some projects that I really would make for my family. The cover of Simple Sewing with a French Twist shows projects for the little girls section. The ‘Tomato Floor Cushion’ is something I will most likely make for my girls. They love a little stool just their height to sit on.

Doodle Stitching is an idea I just love. It encourages you to sketch your own stuff on fabric to embroider. There is a really cute little bunny in it that I want to make. It isn’t one of the projects, but it will be easy to do. The bunny is a simple rag doll kind of shape with embroidery on it. It’d be quicker for Easter than the felted bunnies I was thinking about, too.

I got some knitting books, but we’ll talk about those another day.

PS. If it seems like I meant to put in a picture of the books, I did. But my camera felt otherwise, so I may have to edit the picture in later.


Rima said…
I would love to learn how to dye yarn. What fun.
Rebecca said…
Your yarn came out beautifully! Yet another new skill to learn on my to-do list...I think I need a clone! I hope you make the "Tomato Floor Cushion," it sounds like great fun.

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