My New Book

I was expecting to get a package today, but it came yesterday. It contained 2 books. One for my husband’s birthday and this one:

I can see that this book is going to be fun. It was originally published in 1887 and I saw something in it about ‘how to do old-fashioned needlework’. If it was ‘old-fashioned’ in 1887, I’m interested. Yesterday, I read all about how to throw a great Valentine’s Day party. I love lost arts, and this book is bound to have a couple at least.

This morning, I finally remembered to go check and see when we would get our tax return. Imagine my delight when it said it should be in our account tomorrow. And me without a shopping list! This year I got the feeling from my husband that it was some sort of race between him and one his work friends to see who would get their taxes to the accountant first.

Earlier this week, my husband asked me what he should bring home with him tonight. I told him to bring me a live plant. Like I always do. Apparently, I am not getting a rose bush, but tulips. He didn’t know he wasn’t getting roses until the guy riding with him said “I thought you were going to get roses.” I do not know how anyone can go through life and not know the difference between roses and tulips. I really don’t. But my husband has. So much for getting a new houseplant. However, I will get a lifetime of giggling and teasing him about the time he brought me tulips instead of roses. Hopefully I’ll be able to plant them outside. I can’t remember if forced tulips will bloom again.


Rebecca said…
I love the idea of live plants for a gift. That is funny that he didn't know the difference between the two. ☺

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