A Change

I’ve been busy this week already, it seems. There hasn’t been much knitting going on, but lots of other things. Yesterday we made cupcakes and valentines for knitter #2 to take to preschool today. We had snack and if I hadn’t made cupcakes, they still would have gotten plenty of sugar in before lunch time. They might not have wanted to eat cheese or celery sticks with all the candy waiting in their valentine bags, though.

At the very least, I can show you my knitting progress on Crinkle:

It was a good thing I had to stop working on the front and do the back, because it turns out I did the decreases wrong on the front. I was supposed to do them EVERY row and I was doing them every right side row. It’s not like I have to rip out the whole thing. Or the whole front.

Some times, a girls just needs a change. Especially after you have spent a few years chasing small children around. You start to feel like you are frumpy, boring, and probably your mother. No, I have not cut my hair and I am not going to. I am going to dye it black. Maybe I’ll get another tattoo. Or something else pierced. Probably not, but you never know.


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