A Little Self Control, Please

Today we stayed home from preschool. Knitter #2 was sick over the weekend and woke up pretty miserable this morning. She feels a lot better this evening. It was very weird being home today. I am not used to it.

What’s a girl to do with her time? Other than knitting and cleaning house, that is. She makes kitchen towels, of course!

I find it funny that Sarah mentioned in the comments that she likes to mix geometrics with florals, because that is exactly what has been sewn alongside the daisy print on those quilt blocks.

I’ve been having to practice a little self control around here. I’ve been struck by all these urges to start new projects. It is very unlike me to be that way. The more projects I start, the worse it gets. Usually, I have no problem waiting until I finish one project before I start a new one. So, this afternoon when I was really wanting to start a sweater for one of the kids, I just picked up Crinkle and knit on it instead.


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