What I've Been up to Lately

Since I don’t have any interesting knitting progress to show you, how about a quilt block?

I think when I get more of the fabrics on the blocks, the daisy fabric won’t look so out of place. This quilt is going to be red and white, one of my favorite color combinations. It is for our bedroom.

Next shot is some fabric I picked up for myself yesterday. I may have to buy more because my oldest announced she and her little sister both need spring dresses made with this fabric. That is the sort of thing I love to hear. Requests. From my darlings. This stuff is going to be a sleeveless top.

Last of all, this is the project I will do for the knit along. They are socks that I had originally hoped to make for Brent for Christmas. They might be birthday socks, but probably they won’t be done in time for that.

One of my resolutions for this year was to make a toy every month. I procrastinated and forgot and etc, so I didn’t get my toy finished in January. I thought it would be done in just a few hours. I was wrong, but it should be finished in a day or so.


Sarah said…
Good grief, woman -- you're a crafting tornado!

I don't think that the daisy fabric looks out of place! It is going to be so cute when all the blocks are put together. I like to use prints of different scales in quilts, even mixing patterns like floral with geometric. I think it enhances the quilt. (Unless, of course, your goal is to maintain subtlety...)
Anonymous said…
I love the fabric for your sleeveless top! It is a very refreshing print - I bought some recently on sale at Jo-Ann.

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