Why Being a Blind Follower Isn't All Bad

Finally, I have knitting progress worth reporting on, but no decent light to show off where I have gotten to. I’ve bound off the underarm stitches on my Crinkle and have started doing the armhole decreases. If I had read the instructions better before starting on the left front, I wouldn’t have met with a problem. When using the blind follower method of knitting, you knit the back before the fronts. I’m using the do-it-my-own-darned-way method and have knit the fronts and back all at once. You knit the back to a certain length and then knit the fronts 17 rows shorter. I have decided I will finish doing the armhole decreases and then quit my work on the left front. And do the back. Suddenly Crinkle is much more fun to knit and I have quit conspiring with other yarns to start other projects.

Last night I broke down and told my husband that I was working on a pair of socks for his birthday. It turns out to be a very good thing I did, because he told me the other pair I made for him are too short in the leg. I was going to make these the same length. I prefer socks with a nice long leg myself. Some day I am going to make those Eunny Jang socks in their full, glorious length.


That's funny--my husband just told me that all the hats I make him are too short!
Probably Jane said…
I'm glad I'm not the only one who cut her Eunny socks off in their prime! I made some plain knee socks recently but it is an awful lot of knitting...

Looking forward to seeing pics of your progress.

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