Favorite Color Swap Package

A couple days ago, my Favorite Color Swap package arrived. It traveled here from far, far away. Well, New Mexico, anyway. I was absolutely convinced I would be getting some kind of red yarn in the package. Imagine my surprise when it was fabric. They are beautiful as you can see:

They aren’t fabrics I would have picked out for myself, but I absolutely love them. I’ve been admiring asian inspired fabrics lately and even bought some for a bag.

On to the other goodies. There is a cute little red felt book, delicious chocolate, and a book of little toys.

The toy book has lots of different little creatures you can make. I see a lot of fun in that little book. I now officially have no excuse for not rolling out a toy or 2 every month.

I want to thank Erin for all these wonderful things. You did a great job!


Queen Geek said…
Glad you liked the stuff. And I'm glad it wasn't predictable!

I'd like to see the results when you make some of the toys out of that book. Enjoy!

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