Goodbye February, Hello March

February was a crap month for knitting around here, so let’s hope March is much better. I finished the body of my Crinkle and have started a sleeve.

There were going to be pictures, but the sun left us rather dramatically today. When we got home after preschool to eat lunch it was sunny and over 50 degrees. By the time the kids had eaten lunch, the sun was gone and the temperature had dropped 10 degrees. I let them go out to play anyway. It then proceeded to get even colder and the youngest was dragged in against her will screaming ‘GO OUTSIDE!!’

In the comments, Rima asked about the Doodle embroidery book. I really like it. There are a lot of good inspiration pieces in the front part of the book before you get to the projects. There is a pretty good how to section that includes a bit on embroidering using beads. The projects have a good sized diagram of the embroidery part of the project, how much to enlarge it, and what sort of stitches to use. Among the more interesting projects, there’s a lampshade, embroidered paper bookmarks, and an ID holder. There are lots of your usual type embroidery fare. Pillows, pillowcases, napkins, clothes. But they are more modern motifs. Not the things you envision grandma doing. My favorite thing about the book is the pictures and the encouragement to ‘doodle’ your own patterns. I bought the book for inspiration, not for projects I might find in it. I haven’t been disappointed and there are several projects in it I would actually like to make. If anyone out there is thinking about getting it, I say go for it. Even if you don’t like any of the projects, the how to section makes it worth while. I haven’t seen a lot of embroidery books out there and the few I’ve seen haven’t had as much stitch variety as this one. I am fortunate to have an old embroidery stitch dictionary that my mother had.


Rebecca said…
The weather every where seems so erratic. We have beautiful, sunny days here, and then the next, thunderstorms and tornado warnings - we don't get tornadoes here. And then sunny and beautiful, in the 50's to 60's, with snow predicted in two days.

I love the look of embroidery. It is one of those things that I would like to do one day...along with everything else! I think when I have a child that that might be the point that pushes me and inspires me to do it.
Rima said…
Thank you for the review! This was very useful. I am totally motivated (and have received sufficient support) to buy (another) embroidery book :)

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