Wanna hear something funny? I lost my voice. Today is day 3 and while I feel generally better, I wish my voice would return.

I made yogurt on Sunday. I found a link to the recipe on wikipedia. It turned out great, and I think that I will make our yogurt in the future. It is too easy not to make it.

I have been knitting along on my crinkle sweater and am about to finish a sleeve. Then I will have only one sleeve to go. Then I will do my happy dance. As for my husband’s socks…. I may set them aside when I finish the first sock and make something I really want. A pair of monkey socks for myself.

Since Sarah was amused by my chickens and said they lead Shakespearean lives, I have to tell you something. Our oldest rooster is named Henry. He is large and red. I will have to read the Henry plays and let you all know which one he is.


OK, please post that yogurt link because I love, love homemade yogurt!
Rima said…
Home-made yogurt. I just got back from India, and you reminded me of home. Sniff. Yogurt is a staple component in most Indian meals, and is usually made at home.

Enjoy the yogurt. Hope you feel better soon.
Rebecca said…
Ahh...the first step to being a cheese maker...My mom used to have a yogurt maker, but I am not sure she made yogurt very often. One day I will try...

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