Some Sewing Projects

I need to finish some knitting projects around here so I can have something new and interesting to talk about knitting-wise. I think I’ve had the same knitting projects for like 3 months. Seems like it, anyway. I can look forward to projects with somewhat larger needles when I finish Crinkle. I need some faster projects or I will have to quit calling this a knitting blog.

I do have some other projects I’ve finished recently. These are the bunnies that I embroidered for the girls for Easter.

I drew out a pattern for them based on this bunny in Doodle Stitching:

Monday was Hat Day at preschool, so I made the girls some elf hats over the weekend:

These are from Bend the Rules Sewing. I have some other projects from that book planned as well. It is the perfect book for household with little girls. They like their Christmas aprons so much that I am making them the smock aprons that are in the book.

The gardening season is upon us here. For the cold season crops, anyway. I ‘ve spent the last couple afternoons clearing out the garden and burning piles of vines and weeds. My hollyhocks, lupine, and foxglove are starting to grow in the flower beds. Spring is finally really here and I love it!


Sarah said…
Oh, those hats are darling!

Jealous of your gardening. We still have snow in our yard. :(
This is the March that wouldn't quit.
Rima said…
Totally totally adorable bunnies. And very nice embroidery. Super cute.
Rebecca said…
Love the hats - cute, cute, cute! And the bunnies are fabulous!

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