Taking EZ's Advice

I was really looking forward to having pictures of my new baby chickens to show you today. Alas, no baby chickens. Someone somewhere made a mistake and there won’t be any babies until tomorrow.

Instead of cute little fluff balls, how about a sweater sleeve? Maybe not as cute, but it does grow pretty fast, much like baby birds.

I have also been sort of holding out on you guys. I still have books to show off. These are the ones I consider my little prizes:

I haven’t spent much time with the mitten book, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time with the book on tams. I’ve decided to spend some time this summer knitting mittens and hats for winter. I always think I’m going to do it in the fall, but I don’t manage it. In Knitter’s Almanac, EZ does the next winters mittens in May and some hats in June. I’ve decided to take her advice.


Probably Jane said…
Knitting hats and gloves and other small projects all summer is a great idea. Any larger woolly object would be far too hot and itchy and as summer is for getting out and about portable projects are definitely the way to go!
Rebecca said…
I knit socks in the summer because they are so portable - hats and mittens are a great idea, too. The sweater sleeve is lovely - I keep itching to work on my sweater, but have all of these must knit projects for other people first. I'm excited to see your chicks - they will really make it seem like spring.
Oh I have been coveting that Tams book forever!!!

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