This and That

Since someone asked, here is where to find the yogurt recipe I used. Not on Wikipedia, but wikiHow. I blame cold medicine for the mix-up.

My voice is nearly back to normal. It is very frustrating to not have a voice. Running through the house to stop a battle between little girls isn’t nearly as nice as being able to yell ‘stop’ and going to see what the fight is about.

Today, I made some easter goodies:

I melted some Lindt chocolate, tempered it, and poured into molds. Some snoopy 4 year old is already wanting to know what the stuff is for. Fortunately she is easily led off topic by talking about baking cookies tomorrow.

For some nice knitting content, how about a finished sleeve:

I started the second sleeve several days ago and it is coming along nicely. Maybe I will be able to wear Crinkle before hot weather sets in…


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