Another Pattern To Love...

Thanks to everyone who left comments cheering on my weight loss plans! It is always nice to get moral support.

The other day, I was reading a blog and saw a French Market Bag. I’ve thought about making it for years, but that one sold me on it. It showed off the square-ness of the bag really well. I’ll have to decide what colors to make it. That will be horrible, looking around at different yarns to find the perfect colors. Oh how I will hate that.

I’ve gotten about 2/3 of the second sleeve of the Happy Hen knitted. I guess I am probably not going to finish the sweater this month as I had hoped to. Oh well. There is always next month.

I almost thought I hadn’t made any toys for this month, but then I remembered the pirate map was finished up in May, so I could count it. Phew. I would hate to be failing at ALL of my New Year’s resolutions. The year isn’t even half gone, I could stage a comeback and make good on most of them. I am not sure I could get another 11 pairs of socks finished before the end of the year, though. That goal may have to be cast aside again.


Rebecca said…
I finished making the French Market Bag for someone (she messed up on the handles and just didn't want to deal with it anymore); it was a really easy knit and came out well. Very fast project. Thanks for the well wishes on our anniversary - I am still in a bit of shock that a year has passed already.

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