Return of Summer Projects...

Today, I have a picture of my Luna Moth Shawl in its finished-but-not-blocked glory. I plan on blocking it tomorrow.

A few weeks ago, I got my hands on some heavy cardboard and turned into a blocking board. In the current state, the shawl would barely tie around my head. Blocking should make a world of difference.

The Tour de France KAL is coming up in July again. I am thinking about making another Clapotis for it. I’d probably have to buy yarn for it, though. And I am nowhere near my 35 ball goal for Stashalong. Maybe I should come up with something sort of French themed I could make with stash yarn. I could always make something for the girls from one of my Phildar books. Last year I designed a cropped, ¾ sleeve sweater for myself. It was really fun.

It has been hot the past few days, so we’ve had the air conditioning on. For some reason, having the ac on makes me want to knit. I find it odd that hot weather makes me want to knit.

Speaking of the hot summer weather, I got some fabric a while back:

These fabrics are for my youngest. She is in need of some really cute summer clothes. Mommy to the rescue! I kind of need to finish up my spring time projects. I might want some summer tops, too!


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