Green Backlash?

I’ve spent most of my weekend so far installing a drip system in our garden. When I ran out of some of my parts, I went to the store and found they had my beloved ¼ “ soaker hose back in stock. I bought 4 rolls and it was enough to do what I wanted with it. Happy days.

I have had time for knitting, inspite of the fact that pressing little plastic parts together makes my finger tips hurt. I am finishing my first sleeve. I can’t wait to start the pocket and do just a little intarsia. Lots of little balls of yarn hanging off your work can be a pain in the rear. I’m not so sure I’m looking forward to the front so much.

Our lawnmower has so many problems, we’ve decided to get a new one. One of the problems is that the gas tank leaks. I want to get a reel mower. My husband doesn’t want one because he had one when he was a kid. He tells me I will hate it. It doesn’t take gas, so I think I will love it. And I shouldn’t have any trouble starting it first thing in the spring. I think there is something more to his not wanting get it. He hates when I buy things that are green, organic, etc. It drives him crazy that I recycle EVERYTHING that I can. He thinks it’s fine to recycle newspapers and that it is a handy way to get rid of milk jugs. It bothers him to no end that I won’t let him throw tin cans or beer cans in the trash. I really think he is suffering from a green backlash.

Enough of the backlash, how about some pretty flowers?

They are mine, in case anyone is wondering. I dug these up at the ranch before it was sold. They were part of my mom’s huge iris collection. She loved irises and had every color she could find. I only wish I had more of the irises she had.


Rebecca said…
Because of my suggestion, we bought a reel mower. My husband had been paying someone to mow the lawn (and they didn't do a good job), and I thought that was expensive and something we could easily do ourselves (If I am going to pay someone to do something, it is going to be to do something like scrub the bathtub, not mow the lawn). However, we don't have a very nice lawn, and so the reel mower doesn't work too well on it. Works well on the actual grass parts, but doesn't get the tall weeds at all. I am thinking I just need to slowly start replacing what is supposed to be the lawn with plants and bushes. We live on a hill, though, so it is going to take a bit of creativity.

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