I Finished Something!

I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this month yet. Eek. It’s been really, really busy here. After our oldest had her birthday, we went headlong into yard work and gardening. And our lawnmower went south. First it wouldn’t shut off, then it wouldn’t start. We had to borrow a lawnmower to get the yard mowed. I think maybe I am finally starting to catch up on my outdoor work, though.

I finally took a picture of my box of knitting:

This box housed the baby chickens while they were small enough. I washed it out really well before putting any yarn in it. I finished one of my projects this past Thursday. The Luna Moth shawl is done and ready to get blocked. Now I am working on the Happy Hen Sweater. My intent is to get all these languishing projects done, and get back on my one project and a pair of socks happy place. When I get these projects done, I want to do some winter knitting. I hope to do that in June or July and then do some Christmas projects in August. Just some toys for the kids, probably. Right now I am in the list making stage. Don’t we all LOVE to make lists? I do. I am making a Christmas list and a birthday list for Knitter #3.

My toy making has been going pretty well, so far this year. I made the puppet theater that is in Bend the Rules Sewing for Knitter #2’s birthday and she loves it. I also made a pirate map that was my own design. I’ll have to take picture and post it. Maybe it will inspire someone to make something for their favorite kid! I hope so, anyway. It was really fun to make something totally unique like that.

I promise more posts this week!


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